[Cheap and Cheerful]: PHOX


What’s better than discovering great music? Discovering it’s free as well. Cheap and Cheerful intermittently throws free downloads your way for continued listening pleasure that doesn’t break the bank.

With the worst of winter’s frosts behind us and the temperature hovering around 10°C where I am it might be safe to say that spring has sprung and that the weather is, dare I say it, quite good! What better way to celebrate that than with some sunshine-infused pop from Wisconsinite collective PHOX? Hailing from Baraboo, WI, they describe themselves on their bandcamp as “a gaggle of goofy wizards performing minor illusions and bigtop music”. While that description might seem fanciful there is an air of wide-eyed wonder and big possibilities they weave into their music, and this is nowhere more apparent than on their live set from last year’s iTunes Festival, which has been made available for free/name-your-price over at NoiseTrade.

Performing tracks from their Unblushing and Confetti EP’s, this offering is short and sweet, but above all memorable. Powered by a mini-orchestra assortment of instruments and seamless vocal harmonies, the multi-instrumental PHOX create chirpy and charming earworms with a bit of depth that stay put long after listening. There’s also room for moments of drama and slow, building movements though, as on standout track ‘Blue and White’ which sees principal vocalist Monica Martin deliver a powerful lighters aloft performance. For this band to have made it onto the iTunes Festival listings with only two EP’s under their belts points to something special, and with a debut album in the works at April Base, home studio of Bon Iver mastermind Justin Vernon, I think you can expect PHOX to be making a few waves when it lands in the summer.

PHOX Live at iTunes Festival is available for free from the good folks over at NoiseTrade. Find it here.


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