[Cheap and Cheerful]: Four Tet – Live in Tokyo


What’s better than discovering great music? Discovering it’s free as well. Cheap and Cheerful intermittently throws free downloads your way for continued listening pleasure that doesn’t break the bank.

Recently I’ve found myself listening repeatedly to this live set from Kieran Hebden a.k.a. Four Tet, recorded at Tokyo’s Yebisu Garden Hall on 1st December. Maybe it’s the fluid alchemy of dance, jazz, R&B and house or the subtle confidence of Hebden’s DJing, feeling no need to petition the crowd and trusting in their patience while he steadily weaves his magic, but there is something compelling in this mid-afternoon set which rewards repeated listens. It fosters a zen-like state and possesses a striking simplicity that belies the complexity of layering and manipulation at work over the hour. Perhaps that is why Hebden elected to upload it to Soundcloud and enable free downloads, satisfied by a set where, seemingly, everything went off without a hitch.


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