[Artist Spotlight]: HAERTS

haerts-660x533“No you can’t move up with your eyes down”

HAERTS are a recent discovery for me (about 10 this morning, in fact), but I have been unable to stop listening to their effusive brand of dream pop since. The Brooklyn based five-piece comprises of members from England, America and Germany who only started playing together in 2012. Since then they have snagged many spots on radio, appeared on the second Kitsuné America compilation and signed a deal with Neon Gold/Columbia Records, all before releasing their debut EP. Not bad for a year’s work.

As it stands, their debut EP Hemiplegia is set for release on 8th October and looks set to be one of my favourites of 2013. On title track ‘Hemiplegia’, they create a slow-burning anthem which possesses all the pop sensibilities and dramatic flair of New Order and Depeche Mode, their obvious musical antecedents. The track centres on Nini Fabi’s triumphant vocals which soar above the instrumentation, while swelling tides of synth and percussion buoy her up even further. As the waves of this textural soundscape rise and fall it seems that she may even take flight, especially in the break around the two-minute mark. It is little dramatic flourishes like this that offer moments of tension and release which imbue their music with a real sense of wonder. And just as some music has the power to depict a particular mood or climate, ‘Hemiplegia’ and other tracks on the forthcoming EP seem to have the capacity to transcend, seemingly equal parts summer and winter. The compelling beats and loping bass evoke beach days and summer parties which last until early in the morning, while the euphoric synths and Fabi’s vocals are as cool as a glacier. The effect is refreshing and invigorating, like ice in your glass on a hot summer’s day and should fit perfectly whether the sun is shining or snow is falling. Perfectly timed, I think you’ll agree.

Hemiplegia is available through Neon Gold/Columbia Records on Tuesday 8th October.


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