[Artist Spotlight]: Delta Spirit

“I want you to wander silent past my outstretched arms”

Delta Spirit are a band from California that have been active since 2005, but which I have only recently got around to listening to. I am currently making up for lost time since I have become somewhat addicted to their infectious blend of Americana, Soul and Punk. Considering they have recently released their eponymous album last month, it feels appropriate to give them a plug and talk about one of their songs I’ve had on near constant rotation: ‘California’.

‘California’ is a driving song. No two ways about it. The relentless rhythm of the song perfectly soundtracks driving down the road with the top down and with one arm hanging down the side, watching the miles disappear from under you. The song begins slowly with a steady drum beat before erupting into a tidal wave of guitars. These then drop away into the spacious verses, occupied mainly by echoing guitars and Matthew Vasquez’s yearning vocals urging you to “Move to California for yourself, / But not for me”. The track then shifts gears once again and accelerates into the uplifting chorus, complete with wailing guitars and Beach Boys-esque vocal melodies. It seems to hint at a new breed of surf pop, with distorted guitars, pounding drums and pulsing synths as the foundations. Suffice to say, I think I may have found my soundtrack to the coming summer.

Grab yourself a copy of the song, along with other decent tracks by Delta Spirit and WATERS, on a six track tour EP here.


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